Wonderful Scents Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy:  Shipping and Handling:

All in-stock products ship within 24 to 48 hours during business days through a shipping partner such as USPS. Unless otherwise indicated, Shipping is free on Retail orders only and is ground transport. Orders ship in 24-48 hours during business days and then Please allow 2-5 business days for shipping unless one chooses expedited methods. Wonderful Scents is not responsible for delays due to holiday shipping traffic, weather or other natural delays. Please email your requests or concerns, customer service will generally need to review your order and each situation before we can respond to your service related requests. Use the notes area in checkout to submit your requests. Please note all tracking - shipment questions are handled by customer support via email, emails at info@wonderfulscents.com and are checked and returned withing 8 business hours if not sooner Thank You!


In the event, an item is damaged during shipping, or the customer receives a defective item; the customer will have the option of receiving a replacement product or a store credit, a free return label will be provided in either case. To begin the process of a defective /damaged product, we will need to be notified in 5 business days from arrival of the shipment. Please include a photo or video of the damaged or defective material for review to info@wonderfulscents.com. We do ask that you keep the damaged product until the claim is settled as the shipping company may want to inspect the damaged items. All claims are settled quickly with replacement product being shipped back within 10 – 14 days. If the customer does not request attention or complete the customer support from within the five business day period of receipt of your products, we regrettably can not replace items. We do ensure all packages, however, the shipping insurance is only in force for a limited period. Additionally, should you want to return items all return shipping is the sole responsibility of the customer.

  • Light bulbs have no warranty as they are a wear and tear item

Packages delivered by the shipping company but lost or stolen from delivery location or locations

Please note if the customer orders products to be delivered to an address and our shipping partners confirm shipment as delivered we are not responsible for stolen or lost items. Customers that are concerned about items should always request signature required for safer deliveries in the order notes location. Please note while it is regrettable Wonderful Scents has no responsibility to refund or replace lost or stolen items that are confirmed delivered to the corresponding addresses provided by the customer.

Please note if you think your items are lost or stolen one must open a support ticket within 14 days of receipt of items. Failure to do so could result in all claims being refused by UPS, Fed Ex or USPS. All items are insured, however, all claims must be submitted in writing.

Please note all packages are insured by a limited insurance policy if your buying expensive items we suggest one upgrade the insurance as the base insurance may not cover all items ordered. Please note this in the notes area of the order form.

Packages Refused

Packages shipped to customers that decide to refuse shipments upon arrival will be charged for the initial shipping charges, the return shipping charges, and the 20 % restocking fee. On most items we ship free shipping however in the event of a refusal all shipping costs are the returning party’s responsibility. We are not liable for any customer deciding to change their mind! While it is perfectly okay to refuse items please make a note that all associated expenses are the refusing party’s responsibility. All necessary collection attempts will be taken on behalf of WonderfulScents.com and all affiliated companies to protect our efforts in fulfilling orders.

Important Information 

Packages returned unable to deliver will be refunded when the packages arrive back at our warehouse.  A free shipping label will be provided to customers upon request and not counter to this shipping policy, however, fees will be deducted from the refund amount as stated above. If in the case we ship to the wrong address and it is determined to be our mistake we will gladly resend the packages with our apologies. Our goal is to propagate the finest quality products and gifts however from time to time shipping problems can occur.

Right To Refuse or Cancel Service

The company retains the right to refuse or cancel service to any client or customer. We offer exemplary services and products and if the company feels that customers are in any way aggressive, threatening or verbally abusive to our employees, staff or clients we will refuse service , thank you.

Gift Cards and related issues

There is no refund or exchange policy provided for orders from gift cards, we do not warranty any orders that are executed with gift cards from any company. All gift card issues are the responsibility of the card holder to rectify, We do not warranty or accept returns, refunds or exchanges of any kind when a gift card has been used in any product transaction.

Wrong Addresses or undeliverable addresses

Regrettably, customers whom mistakenly supply the wrong delivery address are responsible for the entire shipment. We can not offer refunds, exchanges or free items in exchange.The site has ample opportunity for customers to review all orders and double check shipping information. It is the customer responsibility to offer accurate delivery addresses and all accompanying information no matter how insignificant.

Please note return shipping charges along with any other restocking necessities will be deducted from refunds. Large packages can not be delivered to a PO box. Therefore any items that have an incorrect address or undeliverable address have no refund policy if not returned to the shipper. We, however, will do all we can to help you get another order as soon as possible. We can be reached easily for order review and or support.

Important notes and considerations Tracking services may not be available on all shipping options.

We will make every attempt to get your products to you or notify the customer of any suspected delays. We can not take responsibility for delays due to weather, labor strikes, and or holiday and other shipping delays outside of our influence. 


All customers agree and understand that all customers at any time will indemnify, defend and hold us and our affiliates harmless from any liability, loss, claim and expense, including reasonable attorney’s fees, arising from your use of our website and or the products or information offered. The customer uses all information at their own will. Any violation of these terms and conditions will be terms for removal of service.


If you have any questions please reach out to the following:

10332 Main Street
Suite 368
Fairfax, VA 22030