Replacement Filter For 130 ml USB Essential Oil Diffuser 10 Pack

Wonderful Scents

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Replacement filter for USB Essential Oil Diffuser. Package contains 10 Wonderful Scents original cotton wick filters. 

Wonderful Scents advises our customer to replace the filter after 3-4 months use (depending on usage and water quality).


They are comparable with the Wonderful Scents 130 ml USB Essential Oil Diffuser.

Wonderful Scents 130ml Essential Oil Diffuser

Wonderful Scents 130ml Essential Oil Diffuser


Highest Quality 

Made with the best quality cotton for a longer lasting lifespan and to extract the best results from your device

Diffuser Maintenance

Get the best possible performance and benefits out of your portable essential oil diffuser through replacing used cotton filters.


  • Material: Cotton 
  • Color: White 
  • Size: 0.31 (Diameter) x 2.75 (Length) inch
  • Package Quantity: 10 pcs


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