How To Lose Weight 3 Essential Oils For Weight Loss

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There are many ways to lose a lot of weight fast. We all know about changing our diet, exercise, and social support, but can essential oils help with weight loss?

Most people start out with reducing their total calorie intake to somewhere in the range of 1,000–1,600 calories per day. A diet of fewer than 1,000 calories per day will not provide sufficient daily nutrition. All of this will make us tired and HANGRY (hungry angry)!

Essential oils help you loose weight by providing extra support and reducing HANGRY cravings when it is combined with the correct diet and exercise. These three essential oils specifically aid in the supporting your bodies needs in your diet plan:  1) Peppermint Essential Oils, 2) Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil, 3) Lemon Essential Oil.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Common Names:  peppermint, peppermint oil
Latin Name:  Mentha x piperita

Oneself Wonderful Scents Peppermint Essential OilThe herb peppermint, a natural cross between two types of mint (water mint and spearmint), grows throughout Europe and North America. Both peppermint leaves and the essential oil from peppermint have been used for health purposes[1], according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Fun fact: mint is mentioned in records from ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt. However, peppermint was not recognized as a distinct kind of mint until the 1700s.

Diffusing peppermint essential oil adds the aroma benefits of the oil directly into the environment.  This aids in producing peppermint oil’s positive effects of stimulating and energizing to those in contact with the diffusion.  Thereby helping in relieving the common side effects of diet and reduction of caloric intake when we try to lose weight. This helps to avoid the common cravings we have to eat food which is not on our diet.

Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil

Common Names: cinnamon, cinnamon oil
Latin Name: Cinnamomum zeylanicum and Cinnamomum vervun

Cinnamon BarkCinnamon Essential Oil may be derived either through harvesting the tree’s bark or its leaves.  Both are used in producing essential oils but it is important to know if you are using oil derived through the bark or leaf.  In 2017, four countries accounted for 99% of the world total cinnamon growth: Indonesia, China, Vietnam and Sri Lanka. Global production has multiplied more than ten-fold since 1970[2].

Cinnamon Bark Essential oil has aromatherapy applications that are known to diminish the feelings of depression, faintness, and exhaustion.  These are key as one is exercising on a diet where you have the tendency of getting tired more quickly. Diffusing Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil during your workout will enhance your environment with Cinnamon’s therapeutic benefits.

As a bonus, Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil combines well with Lemon Essential Oil ( see below) as a blend in a diffuser.  Their properties aid in lifting your spirits and promoting relaxation. We recommend adding 1 drop of Cinnamon Bark and 6 drops of Lemon Essential Oil into a reservoir of 300 ml of water.

Lemon Essential Oil

Common Name:  Lemon Oil, Lemon
Latin Name:  Citrus limon

Lemon On TreeLemon essential oil is a completely natural ingredient that comes from the lemon peel of fresh lemons. The oil is extracted using a cold pressing process to extract the oil. Originally the lemon came from South Asia and primarily North Eastern India.  The first substantial cultivation of lemons in Europe began in Genoa in the middle of the 15th century. The lemon was later introduced to the Americas in 1493 when Christopher Columbus brought lemon seeds to Hispaniola on his voyages. Spanish conquest throughout the New World helped spread lemon seeds. In the 19th century, lemons were increasingly planted in Florida and California[3].

Diffusing lemon oil into your environment enhances your focus and motivation.  It also aids in producing a calming effect and positive mental outlook which can be key to your weight loss regiment. It combines really well with Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil as stated earlier as well as Grape Fruit Essential oil (see below).  We recommend that you use three to four drops If you want to diffuse Lemon Essential Oil directly into a 300ml water reservoir. 

Fun Fact:  Oneself Wonderful Scents uses approximately 78 lemons to make one 15-ml bottle of Essential Oil.

Black Label Essential Oil Box Set

Oneself Wonderful Scents has a six piece essential oil box set that include all three of the above essential oils:  Lavender Essential Oil, Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil, Frankincense Essential Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Lemon Essential Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil. This is a perfect way to try adding Essential Oils to your weight loss routine.

Oneself Wonderful Scents Black Label Essential Oil Box Set
Black Label 6 Piece Box Set

BONUS: Grapefruit Essential Oil

Common Name: Grapefruit, Grapefruit Oil
Latin Name: Citrus Paradisi

Oneself Wonderful Scents Grapefruit Essential OilGrapefruit Essential Oil is harvested and produced the same way as Lemon; cold pressing the rinds. Grapefruit has been popular for decades in helping people lose weight. Grapefruit essential oil is an excellent appetite suppressant, detoxifier, fat dissolver and helps prevent bloating and water retention in the body. Of the many ways to use grapefruit essential oil, diffusing it into a room to direct inhale the essential oils helps to curb sudden cravings. Diffusing it at night night helps to stave off those late night snack urges. 

The name "grapefruit" seems to originate with the way that, unlike normal citrus, the fruits of this tree grow in "clusters", vaguely reminiscent of bunches of grapes[4].

Final Thoughts

Diet and exercise are two keys to losing weight.  However most people regain their weight within months of loosing it.  A more balanced and comprehensive lifestyle approach should be taken for weight loss and Essential Oils can play a role. Find the right blends and recipes that aid in our regiment.  Stick to it and the results will be obvious. 

Oneself Wonderful Scents Workout


When buying essential oils make sure the bottle says 100% pure essential oil. If you see the word 'fragrance' it almost always means there are other additives.  Fragrance oils are thicker and more sticky with their additives will harm your essential oil diffuser. Oneself Wonderful Scents only sells 100% Pure Essential Oils.


Essential oils are concentrated and potent.  Oneself Wonderful Scents does not recommend ingesting essential oils.  Never use undiluted essential oils directly on the skin. If wearing diluted oil on your skin, you will be more sensitive to the sun.  Wear sunscreen to avoid burning.  Of course if you are pregnant or nursing, be sure to consult a doctor before use.  Always keep essential oils out of the reach of children.

Please read our blog on Safety Tips --> Here

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