Why use a Himalayan Salt Nightlight?

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Every Home Needs a Nightlight

A wise woman once told me that every home needs a nightlight; she said you need it for safety and for decoration, it is essential. I miss my Granny; she was a very sweet soul, but with all the choices out there to choose from, why not chose a natural resource that offers so much more to your home than safety and decoration. A Himalayan Salt nightlight is natural and offers an abundance of benefits to your home, emotional health, physical health and they are pretty pink!

Himalayan Salt Nightlight

Benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt

We are all hearing about the benefits of Himalayan Salt. Drinking it with water in the right concentration helps relieve migraines. In your environment it is balancing, energising, detoxifying for the body and is great for use with essential oils  or just for supporting the diffusion of scents into a room. Himalayan Salt lamp products create calming environments for you and your family, so why not use a Himalayan Salt Nightlight in your nursery, bathroom, hallway, family room, or any room your family spends a lot of time in.

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Cleansing the Air in Your Home or Office

Real Himalayan Salt Lamps are actually solid blocks of Himalayan salt that have been hand-carved to form the shape. The color of the salt ranges from a light pink to a pinkish orange, resulting from the amount of mineral concentrated on it. In a hollowed-out center of the salt block, a light bulb is placed, emitting light and heat. Salt is hygroscopic; it attracts water vapor that carry indoor air pollutants like mold, bacteria and allergens. Once the vapor comes in contact with the salt lamp, the pollutants are believed to remain trapped in the salt, and the clean water vapor is released back into the air when the lamp is heated. The lamps cleanse and purify the air around it improving the general air quality of your home or office.

Small Himalayan Salt Lamp for Your Office

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Fun Fact

Spas are creating mediation rooms with walls made out of Himalayan Salt Blocks; these rooms are being used for gentle yoga and meditation classes. The effect is very relaxing and deepens the sense of relaxation.

So why not add this experience to your home for you and your family with a Wonderful Scents Himalayan Salt Nightlights or Lamps!


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