It's Almost Mother's Day, so why Send Mom Flowers When You Can...

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...send a Wonderful Scents diffuser so she can diffuse her own personal blend of essential oils all day, everyday, long after flowers would have died. Wonderful Scents has a variety of room diffusers, wearable diffusers, and car diffusers. If Mom is not into diffusing, a natural long lasting soy candle with a cotton or wood wick travel tin could be the answer. 

Pamper Mom with our Natural Himalayan Pink Salt Body Scrub or Organic Shea Butter Bath Fizzies; the fizzies are sold as singles, 2 packs, 4 packs, and 6 packs. What Mom doesn’t need Ultimate De-Stress, Ultimate Decadence, or Ultimate Bliss?!? Take the kids to the movie and let Mom Sit Back, Read, Relax, Renew, and Revive! It’s her day! Treat her like a queen. She does so much for everyone else everyday of the year, show her you recognize how much she gives.

If Mom is not into scrubs or bath fizzies, to busy,  our Natural Olive Oil Soaps are good for her skin and hair and our Activated Charcoal Soap with Rose Clay will detox and cleanse her face naturally. With so many Wonderful choices why not pamper her with a variety?

She may also like our Wonderful Scents Himalayan Salt Lamps. The lovely Himalayan salt lamps not only add beauty to the corners of your home, but they also double up as air purifiers. These lamps attract the moisture from the air and due to the warmth on the surface the water evaporates quickly. The process of evaporation creates negative ions that react with the pollen, dust, dirt, pollutants, and allergens which carry a positive charge and neutralize them.

Wonderful Scents is wishing every Mom and All Mom’s, a Happy Mother’s Day!!

Wonderful Scents Soy Wax Tin Patchouli Candle with Wood Wick

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