What is an Essential Oil Nebulizer?

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An essential oil nebulizer is a type of diffuser that atomizes essential oils and doesn’t alter the chemical composition of the essential oils.


It breaks down the oil’s molecules without separation of the mixture, producing a particle size small enough for the lungs and body to absorb more quickly. No water or heat is used in this process causing nebulizers to deliver a much more concentrated experience. A nebulizer has shorter and more potent running times and covers a larger square footage.

Why use an Essential Oil Nebulizer?

Using essential oils in your daily routine is a safe way to enrich your life holistically. A nebulizer provides an easy way to enjoy essential oils safely and can bring many health benefits. Nebulizers are heavily used by people hoping to disinfect the air in their environment during cold and flu season.

Nebulizers are a great way to get rid of unpleasant odors and germs in your car, home, workspace, and in almost any area you use. A nebulizer could be a better choice for you instead of a traditional diffuser. If your environment has mold or humidity issues, you may want to choose a nebulizer instead of a traditional diffuser that relies on the continuous evaporation of water in order to operate. Wonderful Scents has had a number of police personnel in Texas purchasing nebulizers for their patrol cars. With a nebulizer they are getting all of the benefits of the essential oils without increasing the Texas humidity. You know what they say, “Everything's Bigger in Texas” and that includes the humidity.

Benefits of an Essential Oil Nebulizer

Nebulizing essential oils affects the breathing passages, and as stated above the body absorbs nebulized particles faster than with a traditional diffuser. The effect can have therapeutic benefits and may help alleviate conditions such as asthma, bronchitis and sinusitis. Nebulizers emit essential oils in an environment more effectively than other diffusers, and improves the impact that essential oils have against bacteria, molds and viruses. So nebulizing can be especially helpful to those who suffer from mold allergies. Nebulizing essential oils is aromatherapy; so you can receive relief from anxiety, stress, get sleep help, and many other emotional and mood enhancing benefits as you would with a traditional diffuser.

Wonderful Scents Essential Oil Nebulizer

Wounderful Scents sells two types of Essential Oil Nebulizers. One has a Lithium Ion battery for ultimate portability.  So no cord is needed to nebulize your favorite scents.

We also have a USB powered Nebulizer which is perfect for the car.  So no water needed, just oils that are emitted directly into your surroundings without dilution. So you will be enjoying them as they were meant to be enjoyed.  Pure and Natural.

Wonderful Scents also sells a popular kit of our Pure Essential Oils and our USB Nebulizer.   Check it out. 

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