What Is Great About Wearing Essential OIl Locket Diffusers?

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It Is Natural

Essential oil wearable diffuser lockets are great because you can make your own signature scent with natural essential oils that you can change as often as you want. You can use a single oil like rose or create your own blend that fits your personality perfectly, and not only are you smelling great, but other people are wondering just what perfume you are wearing. You can just smile and say, I am not wearing any or share your secret with your closest friends. It’s natural, you can make it as light of a fragrance as you would like, but it is your personal blend. There are literally 100s of oils and blends that you can choose from.

Wearing Relaxation

Woman Wearing Essential Oil DiffuserI think the best thing about essential oil wearable diffusers is you can use essential oils to help manage what you expect your day will bring you in a natural way and you can do it with a fashionable piece of jewelry.  Just a drop on the felt pad and then inserting it in my stainless steel locket I can make my day less stressful, filled with less anxiety, and better all the way around. The wearable diffuser doesn’t just lift your mood, but it can help with the unsightly odors that are apart of everyday. Going to the gas station, restroom, and the subway during rush hour are all more pleasant experiences, I can just take a discreet sniff of my wearable diffuser and the day just got a little better!

Purchase One

You can purchase your stainless steel wearable locket diffuser here at Wonderful Scents; there are around 13 styles and they have felt pads to use with them as well.  Here is my favorite The Tree of Life Locket Diffuser and I wear it almost every day!  Not only is it fashionable, affordable, and stainless steel; no one knows my little secret that I am improving my mood, my day and my life naturally with my essential oil wearable diffuser.

Wonderful Scents Wearable Diffuser

Do It Yourself - DIY

For everyone who loves to make their own jewelry in your own style, here is a recipe for you!

  • Air dry clay, choose the color of your choice!  What fun you  can have easily making this a craft project with your kids for gifts for family and friends!
  • A cookie cutter in the size and shape you want your pendant to be or you can also use a bottle cap..
  • Drinking straw or pen cap.
  • Some type of cording, decorative string, ribbon, or a chain you own for the chain part of your necklace.
  • Wax paper
  • A stamp is optional.  You can create your own personal design or use your favorite stamp to add to a personal touch to your wearable. Don’t forget there is nothing wrong with no design in that favorite bright color of yours!  It will look great with your favorite outfit.

Roll your clay out on wax paper to about a 1/4 inch thickness. Press cookie cutter cap or whatever else you are using into the clay to create your pendant shape. Now add the hole that you will string your pendant with. Now add your design. Peel away the unused clay from your pendants and allow them to dry for 1-2 days. String your pendant with your choice of material add your oils and you are ready to go! Just one more thing, don’t forget to make a matching wearable bracelet!

Ava Butler

Checkout two Wonderful Scents Wearable Diffusers that are on Sale

Wonderful Scents Golden Wearable DiffuserWonderful Scents Teardrop Wearable Diffuser

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