Aroma Diffuser Is Better Than our Air Humidifier?  I think so.

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We have both in our home. The humidifier was a high end purchase we purchased with our HVAC unit. The supposed whole house humidifier has not lived up to what was promised. We still have dry air in our home from the heat of winters and no aromas Ultrasonic technology is applied in the humidifier and the aroma diffuser; the great difference lies in the details. For the aroma diffuser, the particles can be atomized to nano-grade via vibration while for humidifier the vapor molecules are often bigger, so in moisturizing,  the aroma diffuser is the winner.

I love our Wonderful Scents diffusers made by aickar. We use them constantly diffusing calming oils like Lavender or Lavender and Cedarwood to reduce my family's stress and to promote a good night’s sleep, and included in our family are  our fur babies.

Wonderful Scents 400 ml diffusing Lavender essential oil

I have tried several diffusers, none are as attractive and are so easy to use as our aickar. Our aickar diffuser produces a cool, humid (moist) and fragrant mist.  What sets the aickar apart from most diffusers is the high-end anti-corrosion material it is made from, other diffuser are made from materials that can not resist the corrosive effects of essential oils.

I diffuse oils everyday to increase better sleep, wellness and just to improve and purify the air quality in our home. All of the members of my family have spring and fall allergies, so purifying the stuffiness and germs out of my home is something I need to do. So I use a purification blend of essential oils to help the wellness of my family year round.

Here is just one of many blends you can use for purification and well being that can be diffused.

  • 2 Drops Lavender Oil
  • 2 Drops Lemon Oil
  • 2 Drops Rosemary Oil
  • 2 Drops Tea Tree Oil
  • I Drop Cinnamon Oil

Please share your purification essential oil recipes with me and follow our blog Wonderful Scents. Diffusers, as well as, a variety of Scents are available at, check it out!

Ava Butler

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