How to Use and Care for your Wonderful Scents Essential Oil Diffuser

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Our customers have asked several different questions about use and care for your Wonderful Scents essential oil diffuser.

I use my Wonderful Scents diffuser everyday and also have the feed back of our customers' experiences. I am happy to share these with you here.



What type of water do I use in my Wonderful Scents diffuser and how much?

I use tap water in mine and I recommend that to everyone. Your diffuser comes with a water cup, please used at least two of these cups in your diffuser.
Your diffuser will shut off automatically if there is too much or too little water in it; a safety feature of our Wonderderful Scents Essential Oil Diffusers.


What type of oils do I use in my Wonderful Scents diffuser? How much oil do I use in my diffuser?

Do not use fragrance oils, they will damage your diffuser. Only use essential oils. I tell people to start with about 5 to 8 drops and adjust to your liking.

I use more if I am diffusing on the high setting (about 15 drops). The amount is a personal preference, so I recommend you start with a about 5 to 8 drops and adjust that less or more to find the amount of drops you prefer diffusing. 


Wonderful Scents 300 ml Essential Oil Diffuser Components 

How do I clean my Wonderful Scents diffuser?

I clean my diffuser with a mild detergent (like Dawn) and then run only warm water through it for one cycle with no essential oils. Please do not submerge the base of any of the diffusers in water and they are not dishwasher safe.

I have seen several articles and a few of our customers have ran a cycle with a water and vinegar or just vinegar through the diffuser. I ask that you not do this. The results seems to have been hit or miss, but eventually it damages the internal workings of the diffuser and causes the diffuser to no longer work.



Wonderful_Scents 300ml Dark Wood Essential Oil Diffuser

What If you misplace your user manual

You can down load these from our website on the page of the diffuser you have. If you need help downloading it please give us a call at 1 844 972-3687.

Real Wood Diffusers for Essential Oils

Wonderful Scents is happy to carry real wood diffusers. These diffusers are made of real wood and have a plastic reservoir that is BPA free. You place your water and essential oils in this plastic reservoir, and you would care for this reservoir the same way you care for our other diffusers that are made out of ABS and PP plastic (also BPA free). The reservoir extends to the opening where the diffusing occurs protecting the wood from moisture of diffusing. The wood should be cared for like any other wood item. Light dusting and if something gets on the wood it can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Wonderful Scents Bamboo Essential Oil Diffuser

Wonderful Scents Real Wood -- Bamboo -- Essential Oil Diffuser

Smart Home Aroma Diffuser Wi-Fi Works With Amazon Alexa and Google Home

Wonderful Scents is happy to have a new Smart Home Aroma Diffuser with Wi-Fi that works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

You can also work this diffuser manually like our other diffusers. It's lovely with a large 400 ml capacity, but is more compact. It's my new favorite!

I hope all of this information helps and I hope you are enjoying your Wonderful Scents diffusers.

- Ava Butler


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