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With the holidays upon us, like me, I am sure many of you are thinking what gift will I buy for everyone this holiday season? The holidays’ are stressful by themselves, so let Wonderful Scents suggest some ideas that will ease any holiday anxiety you may have.

Wonderful Scents has a wide variety of selections that fit within the average dollar amount of $15 to $20 that are cute, promote well-being, and remember not all White Elephant and Secret Santa gifts need to be funny.

Car Vent Clips

Wonderful Scents has a variety of functional and soothing car vent clips, providing a relaxing commute, an anti-anxiety errand run, or a fun filled family trip. Our car vent clips provide a natural way to scent your car, and is a natural choice over other mass produced chemically fragrance choices.

Tree of Life Car Vent Clip With 7 Free Felt Pads

Just add a few drops of our Wonderful Scents essential oils, or your favorite essential oils, and make your roll more relaxing  Here are a few examples of our car vent clips, there is one for every personality, all under $13.99. The car vent clips also make great stocking stuffers.

Click the Link to Shop:  Wonderful Scents Essential Oil Car Vent Clips

Portable USB Essential Oil Diffusers

Another way to provide a relaxing ride is our 300 ml USB Essential Oil Diffuser that is perfect for the car, but also portable and is perfect for the dorm room, office, bathroom, or any small space. The 300 ml diffuser is only $17.99 and comes in 4 colors.

Wonderful Scents 300 ml Car USB Essential Oil Diffuser

Natural Soy Scented Candles

Don’t forget your lovely host who will spend hours hoping to make your holiday experience a wonderful one. Give them a gift that will last longer after the classic bottle of wine or flowers are gone. Remember natural shouldn't mean expensive; our Wonder Scents’ 12.5 oz soy candle is only $19.99. Our candles are handmade, and the soy is sustainability sourced and grown by USA farmers.

Bath & Body

Ease that special someone’s stress during this holiday season by making bath and shower time more relaxing. Our handmade Wonderful Scents bath bombs, bath scrubs and natural soaps have relaxing properties and will help wash the stress of the day away. All are individually priced under $17.00.

Wonderful Scents Bath and Body Under $17.00 -> SHOP HERE

Wearable Essential Oil Diffusers

And don't forget a great gift for all ages, a lovely Wonderful Scents wearable diffuser. Naturally scent yourself and your space with these lovely essential oil wearables available with stainless steal and leather chains all under $17.

Wonderful Scents Wearable Diffuser Lockets in Leather and Steel Chain

Wonderful Scents Wearable Essential Oil Diffusers -> SHOP HERE

Himalayan Salt Night Light

A wise woman once told me that every home needs a nightlight; she said you need it for safety and for decoration, it is essential. I miss my Granny; she was a very sweet soul, but with all the choices out there to choose from, why not chose a natural resource that offers so much more to your home than safety and decoration. A Himalayan Salt nightlight is natural and offers an abundance of benefits to your home, emotional health, physical health and they are pretty pink!

Wonderful Scents Himilayan Salt Night Light

Wonderful Scents Himalayan Salt Night Light -> SHOP HERE

About Wonderful Scents

Wonderful Scents  is a small Woman owned business. Our store is in Fairfax, Virginia. We also take phone orders and offer provide free shipping on all orders. No minimum purchase required.  So feel free to call with any questions or for phone orders: 1-844-972-3687

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